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Fixyourjob.com helps you find the right job matching your aspirations. Registering with Fixyourjob.com enables you to:

  1. Access and apply in one-click to more than 1 lakh jobs
  2. Store and access your Resume online
  3. Get your CV viewed by over 35000 recuiters who will contact you with un-advertized jobs.
  4. Create profiles and apply to a job using the most relevant profile.

Register Your Resume with Fix Your Job

To post your Resume at fixyourjob.com, click on the Register or Login on www.fixyourjob.com.
This takes you to the next step of filling up your personal and professional details.
These details are important information that the recruiters look for.
Once you’ve completed this, your profile registered with us.
This is your default profile which is sent across to the recruiters when you apply for a particular job vacancy.
We highly recommend you to fill all details so that you present recruiters a resume that is comprehensive and one that gets you the jobs you are looking for.

Register Your Resume with Fix Your Job

You can update your profile only after you login to fixyourjob.com.
Once you have logged in to your account, you see a snapshot of your active/default profile and contact information.
To edit your profile, click on the ‘Update Profile’ link.
You can make changes to your Profile by editing the relevant sections from the ‘Update Profile’ page.
It is recommended that you update your Profile regularly.
Recruiters often contact only those candidates who have recently updated their profiles.

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Fixyourjob.com hosts a database of over 20 Million candidates from various backgrounds and professions.
As you post a job, our automated systems match the right candidates with your job post and inform them through e-mails notifications.
With the almost free job post, also get access to our database where you can search and handpick the desired candidates to contact them.

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